Sunday, December 31, 2006

What is this site for?

We are a site dedicated to providing resources for people who want to understand various traditional/philosophical/religious texts and wisdoms without the burden of historical divisions. Here, we aim at collecting pieces that can enlighten our thinking. This site is just a 'community resource' and we do not in particular expouse a certain way - you will have to find it.

We are all about the philosophies behind a 'modern' look at ancient wisdom. Often, people have problems with applying widom from centuries ago to the modern world, and as a result the old texts look irrelevant. Here, I offer my humble thoughts on looking at traditions.

Who can benefit from this site? Anyone who wants to read any traditional text and enhance their life! It is also useful for people starting an exploration into cultures with a long tradition, those who want to get along well with their friends/partner by knowing more about where they come from, those who are currently having problems with applying traditions etc.

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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Functional groupings need not be close-minded

Idea-based groups are often run by people who have ideals, but they may not be open-minded enough, and as a result these groups defend against all unfamiliar things as incompatible or irrelevant. As members of these groups (we all are) we urge you to, instead, apply your ideals to all the possibly good phenomenon out there, and find the compatibilities and synergies that lie within. That way, your ideal can also spread quicker and more truly.

Breaking through the big historical wall

We really have to rethink if we do understand terms referring to philosophical ideals that were handed down through history, as well as translations that have been handed down in history. It is these things that have caused the greatest misuderstandings and presumed incompatibilities.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The traditional view and the newer views

Both traditional (cautious) views and new perspectives are very valuable learning tools. Therefore, both should be encouraged, and there should be enough space for both to thrive freely.

Adaptation is just like speaking a new language

Some insecure people think that 'adaptation' equals compromise. To me, adaptation is just like speaking in a new language to an audience that needs it. Therefore it is a necessity of comunication somtimes.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Those who want improvement should unite.

Often, people with similar hopes just come to argue about fine details, perhaps due to their insecurity. This eventually brings down good plans. There are just to many examples in history - we really don't have to go therre again. A better way is instead, to realise that, since both we and they cannot be perfect and right all the time, there will be disagreements, and to accomodate this fact and move on with an improvement scheme that can actually improve the situation is the only constructive situation.

As long as you get it, the label is not important

If you get the essence of things, the label that comes with it is not the important thing. For example, your friend who does not formally belong to a computer firm or own a computer engineering degree, and therefore does not call himself an 'IT professional', may actually know the works better than those with the correct labels and business cards. So don't classify people according to labels (e.g. street kids, druggies etc.), and feel uncomfortable with people/situations just because of labels. After all, all these labels were only invented by some humans.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

The message of universal friendship and understanding

We should all be spreading the message of universal friendship and understanding, the idea that we are all in the same boat and should help and have loving compassion towards each other. The need to be open mineded and a heart to learn is also complementary to this.
To spread this message is simple: just try to be open yourself, and point out to your firends that this is one world, and we shoudl stop 'triballing' and fighting.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

The future of the Traditions

It is my personal belief that human history has come to one of its most crucial
stages - the meeting between a lot of different, long time separated cultures
and traditions.

It is also my personal believe that without permanenet cultural harmony and understanding there can not be eternal peace. However, the coming together of traditions can greatly enhance all people's lives. Therefore, I am hopeful that people with different backgrounds can come together to understand wisdom and truth, one enriching another, without destruction.

Remember, we all live under one ultimate truth although everybody may see it
from different angles and have different views of it. This truth is what you aim to see and it is also everybody else's aim ultimately. We all live in one world.

Also, in accepting the truth we have to be humble since most of us at least do
not get it perfectly right (bound by the imperfect human condition). So do not
attack others' version, just make use of your own.

During this all out values and truth debate, I offer this advice to you:

1)Whose wisdom should we follow? Any good wisdom from anyone (I MUST STRESS
THIS). And it dosen't matter which cultural context it arose from, especially
now that we are becoming more competet in communicating across cultural barriers
and cutting through historical cultural obstacles. Respect every teacher, cause
the moment you willfully reject wisdom is the moment you lose your morals.
2) Mind the historical cultural block - Cultural differences, plus the clutter
accumulated throughout history, often reduces our view of wisdom and where it
fits. We are all at a lost, we can't be perfect yet, but we can do our best. Be
humble in the face of wisdom and try your best, and eventually the important
pieces will fit OK.
3) Is that a lie - Is that wrong? You can judge for yourself, but humility in
the face of what we don't understand yet (which is a lot) is the only way to
find wisdom. Don't let your respect for wisdom and truth and your faith in good
vain just because you don't understand now. Try your bes to get wisdom, not to
reject wisdom.
Follow what you know (e.g. what is taught to you and you comfortable undertand)
now, and that is often useful enough, but know that what you don't know maybe
good wisdom since we don't know all that much.
4) Above all, remember our common plight in humanity and our common goals, and
the good intention of wisdom. Have universal loving kindness, communicate with
each other, and have use for wisdom.

Look clear

We all sometimes argue about what the truth is.
Unfortunately, we all forget that
1) in something which we don't agree with
there is often wisdoms and;
2) some things which may not fit the puzzle today may fit later in our quest
3) the average human mind's limitations, as well as limittions in history, often
means we can't reach word-for-word perfection in our study of wisdoms;
4) we all live in this one world, trying to reach the one same truths and;
5) wisdom was brought to us by good intentions and we can often use it.
So hold dear what you know now, but look out for wisdom in all directions, know your own mind's limitations and ony humbly leave what you can't understand maybe to come back to it later.

The real nature of Wisdom

Wisdom was passed down to us from various sources years and years ago. Wisdom was given to us in goodwill and good intention. ......

Yet all this is sometimes forgotten. Pieces of religious wisdom have lost their true meanings and have become labels, even pawns for exclusiveness. 'I am a such-and-such, you are a such-and-such, you can't use that because it is such-and-such....'

To accept this degredation, to accept the use of good things against our sense of loving kindness and respect for truth? I can't do it - it is against my priniciples of respect and universal love.

New and Unfamiliar?

What should we do with new and unfamiliar wisdom? Be humble and thoughtful. Think about what it actually means, how you can use it, and often it can also be related to what you already understand. Using excuses/identities to block out wisdom is unwise.

A model for sharing wisdom

Sharing wisdom is not always smooth. First, we both have to have a common language and understand each other. And then, we have to help others think of how the wisdom fits into what they already know. This is even harder in the face of those who believe that their way of receiving wisdom is the only proper way e.g. insisting that you believe that certain doctrines and certain things are incompatible, despite of people accomodating them together successfully. Wisdom of life is to be used individually and therefore flexibly! In the long run, such a blind attitude will impede us all in accessing the wisdom. Therefore, we must start cutting through it today.

Why do this?

First of all, we all need to discover our spirituality. And then we have to really think about what we think we understand about wisdom and truth.
However, many places which allow this type of activity is very limited in their perspective in my opinion. Often they just rely on what is generally accepted in the past in terms of understanding things, and may even be hostile to unfamiliar facts. This website is a place to truly explore and learn.
We of course, would also like to extend this opportunity to everybody else. So
another important topic would be to communicate our opinions to others.

The wider context...

Some people believe that all other ideas that they have not incorporated into their reading of the world must be erranous. This is insufficient spritually, as the world is much vaster than what one's minds can imagine. It also hinders a flexible use of wisdom, ultimately impeding on some people's use of that wisdom. So we should prevent this attitude from being the norm and encourage opening one's eyes to this world and applying wisdom suitably.