Thursday, August 18, 2005

During this all out values and truth debate, I offer this advice to you:

1)Whose wisdom should we follow? Any good wisdom from anyone (I MUST STRESS
THIS). And it dosen't matter which cultural context it arose from, especially
now that we are becoming more competet in communicating across cultural barriers
and cutting through historical cultural obstacles. Respect every teacher, cause
the moment you willfully reject wisdom is the moment you lose your morals.
2) Mind the historical cultural block - Cultural differences, plus the clutter
accumulated throughout history, often reduces our view of wisdom and where it
fits. We are all at a lost, we can't be perfect yet, but we can do our best. Be
humble in the face of wisdom and try your best, and eventually the important
pieces will fit OK.
3) Is that a lie - Is that wrong? You can judge for yourself, but humility in
the face of what we don't understand yet (which is a lot) is the only way to
find wisdom. Don't let your respect for wisdom and truth and your faith in good
vain just because you don't understand now. Try your bes to get wisdom, not to
reject wisdom.
Follow what you know (e.g. what is taught to you and you comfortable undertand)
now, and that is often useful enough, but know that what you don't know maybe
good wisdom since we don't know all that much.
4) Above all, remember our common plight in humanity and our common goals, and
the good intention of wisdom. Have universal loving kindness, communicate with
each other, and have use for wisdom.