Thursday, August 18, 2005

The future of the Traditions

It is my personal belief that human history has come to one of its most crucial
stages - the meeting between a lot of different, long time separated cultures
and traditions.

It is also my personal believe that without permanenet cultural harmony and understanding there can not be eternal peace. However, the coming together of traditions can greatly enhance all people's lives. Therefore, I am hopeful that people with different backgrounds can come together to understand wisdom and truth, one enriching another, without destruction.

Remember, we all live under one ultimate truth although everybody may see it
from different angles and have different views of it. This truth is what you aim to see and it is also everybody else's aim ultimately. We all live in one world.

Also, in accepting the truth we have to be humble since most of us at least do
not get it perfectly right (bound by the imperfect human condition). So do not
attack others' version, just make use of your own.