Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The traditional view and the newer views

Both traditional (cautious) views and new perspectives are very valuable learning tools. Therefore, both should be encouraged, and there should be enough space for both to thrive freely.

Adaptation is just like speaking a new language

Some insecure people think that 'adaptation' equals compromise. To me, adaptation is just like speaking in a new language to an audience that needs it. Therefore it is a necessity of comunication somtimes.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Those who want improvement should unite.

Often, people with similar hopes just come to argue about fine details, perhaps due to their insecurity. This eventually brings down good plans. There are just to many examples in history - we really don't have to go therre again. A better way is instead, to realise that, since both we and they cannot be perfect and right all the time, there will be disagreements, and to accomodate this fact and move on with an improvement scheme that can actually improve the situation is the only constructive situation.

As long as you get it, the label is not important

If you get the essence of things, the label that comes with it is not the important thing. For example, your friend who does not formally belong to a computer firm or own a computer engineering degree, and therefore does not call himself an 'IT professional', may actually know the works better than those with the correct labels and business cards. So don't classify people according to labels (e.g. street kids, druggies etc.), and feel uncomfortable with people/situations just because of labels. After all, all these labels were only invented by some humans.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

The message of universal friendship and understanding

We should all be spreading the message of universal friendship and understanding, the idea that we are all in the same boat and should help and have loving compassion towards each other. The need to be open mineded and a heart to learn is also complementary to this.
To spread this message is simple: just try to be open yourself, and point out to your firends that this is one world, and we shoudl stop 'triballing' and fighting.