Sunday, December 31, 2006

What is this site for?

We are a site dedicated to providing resources for people who want to understand various traditional/philosophical/religious texts and wisdoms without the burden of historical divisions. Here, we aim at collecting pieces that can enlighten our thinking. This site is just a 'community resource' and we do not in particular expouse a certain way - you will have to find it.

We are all about the philosophies behind a 'modern' look at ancient wisdom. Often, people have problems with applying widom from centuries ago to the modern world, and as a result the old texts look irrelevant. Here, I offer my humble thoughts on looking at traditions.

Who can benefit from this site? Anyone who wants to read any traditional text and enhance their life! It is also useful for people starting an exploration into cultures with a long tradition, those who want to get along well with their friends/partner by knowing more about where they come from, those who are currently having problems with applying traditions etc.

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